How To Retire In 5 Years or Less By "Skipping Over" Single
Family Homes And Investing In Apartments Even If You Have
Little Time, Little Money, And No Previous Experience!

Dear future real estate investor,

Something wasn’t quite right in my life...

I went to college, got good grades, secured myself a decent high paying job, and to everyone around me I was doing “so well”… but I knew the truth...

I knew I was capable of so much more, but I didn’t know what to do.

Have you ever felt this way?

You did all the things you were “supposed to do”, but you’re not where you thought you’d be by now.
Always thinking about money, making budgets, saving money but the numbers for your future just don’t seem to add up to what you thought they would.

It's not your fault. 

If you've never been taught the best investing strategy, how could you be expected to figure it out on your own?
There’s Gotta Be A Smarter Way...
You notice other intelligent people who seem to be excelling at a faster rate, owning businesses, buying property, investing in stocks, while you sit there kind of bored in your good paying job wondering if you are missing the boat…

I know how you feel, and let me ask you a question:

Have you considered what it would feel like to have so much money rolling in each month from investments that you could confidently quit your job, jump off that hamster wheel, stop worrying about money, and begin to live life on your own terms?

If you’re open to the idea of retiring in 5 years or less, then this will be the most important letter you will ever read, here's why.

My name is Brad Sumrok, and since 2005, I’ve taught 1000’s of my students how to replace the income from their job by investing in multi-family apartment complexes and retiring in 5 years or less.

I know your BS meter might be going off right now, and I encourage you to Google me. I always tell my students to beware of "fly by nights" and to be cautious about who you learn this kind of stuff from. Luckily, I've been doing this for a long time and have the track record to prove it.


Most people believe you should start with single family homes, and “work your way up” to multi-family buildings where the real money and leverage is...

While it’s true, apartment buildings are the fast track to real and stable wealth, it’s complete hogwash you need to “inch your way up” - I didn’t, my students haven’t, and you don’t need to either.

I know you are skeptical with anything that sounds too good to be true, yet I am going to prove to you right now that real people just like you are successfully investing in property and building real wealth. (I recently had a student buy a 200+ unit apartment as his FIRST investment).
So, how do I know you are skeptical, yet highly intrigued enough to at least see what the heck I am talking about?

And how did I know exactly how you feel about your current job and life situation?

Because I was you
I graduated from a top Engineering school in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon University)

I got my MBA from University Of Huston. 
A few years later I went back to school and got my MBA.

I did everything I was supposed to do, I got good grades. I went to college. My goal was to be an executive of a fortune 500 company (I got rich instead). I was a good worker, but I got fired once, I think I got laid off once too.

I spent 17 long years in corporate america.  

I felt like I was wasting my life, and started looking for something else…
So I began to read books. 

A LOT of them. 

I wanted to learn how to build passive income for myself, I really didn't want to work myself to death anymore.

I discovered there are really only two solid ways to build passive income:

1. Network marketing
2. Real Estate

I don’t know about you but my idea of fun is not going up to strangers at starbucks and inviting them to a party selling skin creams, weight loss shakes, or essential oils...

I want to buy and hold REAL assets, and real estate is about as “real” as you can get… I can see it, and touch it - it makes sense to me.

My whole life I was taught by the people around me to be an employee. I was an engineer and an executive, but all I really was was just a high paid employee, a slave to someone else.

Being intelligent and analytical can be a curse because you can’t just sit in a job where you aren’t fully challenging yourself. It eats away at you, and it ate away at me.

One of the first things I say to people in my seminars is look, you gotta first transform your mindset. Start thinking like an investor and business owner - someone who is self sufficient.

If you are reading this letter, it’s because you are interested in possibly investing real estate and want to do your due diligence to see if this is the right path to invest your energy in.

Well, it is the right path and if the thought of retiring in 5 years or less gets you all fired up, then let me tell you about my: 
My First Apartment Deal
I was living in Houston Texas at the time.
I’ve always seen these ads in the paper about retiring through real estate.

I thought they were full of crap to be honest.

But after I started reading books from people who have actually done it... and instead of just laughing at them... I knew it was actually possible for me too.

I mean, it’s not that much of a stretch to think people are making money from real estate - heck, wealthy property owners are everywhere!

I wanted out of my job, and this seemed like a badass way to make a living, but I also had a secret motive I don’t tell too many people because they can look down on it:

I wanted to get rich.

I think deep down everyone wants to get rid of that stress not having enough money creates, and live out the fantasy of making a lot of money. 
Having made millions of dollars, I can tell you with 100% honesty it’s better than being poor or just “ok”. Today, I get my happiness and fulfillment from helping people, and having more money than I need is a nice secure feeling I want you to have as well.
Anyway, I went to some seminars. 

Some were good, some were not so good. 

Some were teaching viable wealth strategies, and some were just teaching "no money down". 

After going to seminars, and taking some training, I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to become a successful apartment investor - I was going to make my monthly passive retirement income
How To Retire With Apartments
Retirement income is when your investment income replaces your job income. At the time I was making about 10k/month at my job. So if you can make $10,000/month passive cash flow from your investments …. You can have the same lifestyle you enjoy now, but on your own terms. You essentially just built your own retirement fund.
Students always ask: “Brad, what’s your secret to success?”

It was that day I decided to become a multi family apartment investor.

It was my decision to focus on this one strategy.

I didn’t try anything else. I didn’t dabble in 18 different books and bootcamps and drive myself nuts. I also took action on what I learned, most people keep learning and reading as a way to creatively avoid doing what is actually important.

I recommend you get mentored from someone who is actively doing it - and this is a big lesson for you: Only learn property investing from people who are successfully doing it, and have a proven track record of helping others do it too. 

Many can do and not teach. Many can teach and not do. Learn from someone who “walk’s the walk” and not just “talks the talk”.
They Laughed When I Told them I Wanted To Invest In
Apartments, 8 Months Later I Actually Bought One...
I bought my first apartment building...

And 8 months after that, I bought a second one.
Within 16 months of making a firm decision, taking action and having a mentor, I had 62 units, and I was making about $7000 per month in cash flow.

I still had my job too.

I did this part time and so can you.

Start now while you are still working.

Within 16 months of beginning my investing career, I was 2/3rds of the way there!

My goal was $10,000 , and I never did get there...

What happened was I started getting unsolicited offers from people wanting to buy these deals. I didn’t want to sell them, I had that nice comfortable cash flow.

But crunching the numbers, I decided to sell.

I sold for 1 million cash NET PROFIT.

I sold 3 years after making the decision to take action - I had a million dollars in my pocket.
And Then I Did It...
I quit my job for good

I tell you my story to help you understand one simple thing:

No matter who you are.
No matter where you are at.
No matter what you are going through...

YOU can do this!
I've personally helped my students purchase over 100 apartment complexes, many of them began with no previous investing experience, full time jobs, and not a lot of time or money. 

I've personally invested in over 3000 units over the years. Life is good, I have two residences (Texas & Florida), I have  my dream car, (2 of my dream cars actually), an amazing wife, family, friends, and students. I have apartment investing to thank for it - and I want you to enjoy the same quality of life, whatever that means to you. 

I hold live training seminars 4 times per year, and we currently get well over 300+ people to them from all around the country, learning how to invest in their first apartment building. People rave about my events, and many of them go on to become some of my best (and rich) students. 

I've won awards, been on TV, and all of the kinds of things that happen when you care about people and take action on your dreams. 
Since 2005 I've Personally Mentored Hundreds Of Students To Get Caught Up On Their Bills, Pay Off Their Credit Cards, And Become Financially Free!
Can I Ask You A Question?
Do you ever:
Wish you didn’t have to scan the restaurant menu for the prices?

Wish you had more money in the bank to do those things you can't yet do?

Wish you knew the exact steps to take to invest in your first property?

Sometimes wonder if you are even cut out for investing in real estate and becoming rich?

I understand!

You are here because you are looking for something more.

You are frustrated because you should be growing much faster than you are. You have a soul-sucking full time job, and have a hard time balancing your normal life with trying to do something like this on the side.  

If you have children, you may even feel guilt from taking time away from the kids to start something on the side.

You’ve heard the stories of others overcoming adversity so you know it is possible, but struggle with self doubt to whether or not you are really cut out for this. Sometimes you may even think you should just be content with a regular job, or even look at a different kind of business altogether... 

But deep down you know the lifestyle you really want can only come from investing in real estate.  

You may even be wondering if I am just another person trying to take your money giving BS techniques that don’t work.

...Or fluff and motivation rather than something tangible, thinking “even if it is good, can I actually implement? I’ve been let down many times before.”

I get you.

I want to give you some assurance and let you know, I can help you.

But here’s the challenge…

I’m not just one of the most popular trainers in this business. I also have an organization that’s grown to become the best multi-family training company in the USA.

So I just flat out don’t have the time to personally work with everyone.

And it’s at the point where I’m having to turn people down every single day.

So rather than continue to feel guilty about saying no, I decided to put together what I believe is the next best thing.

If you are serious about investing in apartments, or just want to see what it is all about... and achieving the amazing lifestyle you know is possible, then I’m going to invite you to take part in a training program I’ve put together called:

Apartment Investor Mastery: The Introductory Course
I've decided to release for the first time ever, my simple, proven, step
by step process for earning double digit returns and retiring
early through my introductory home study course
Whatever you desire in life...

Lots of money, the awe and respect of people who now doubt you, a new car, a fresh start, almost anything at all...

can be yours using my simple, proven, step-by-step process I'm about to share with you.

I'm going to show you how to invest in apartments even if you have no previous experience, time, or little money. What if I told you you don't need as much time, money, or experience as you think you do?

it's true. All you need is motivation and the right strategy - you need to be fed up with where you are in your life. Your current situation must NOT be good enough for you. Have you had enough? Do you really want to be financially free?

Nothing can stop someone who's had enough of the mediocrity. 

Today is the day you had enough. 

Enough of your boss, enough of the stress, enough of the settling, and enough of not having enough... 

Let's take control today, and it begins by learning about the ins and outs of apartment investing so you can finally become financially free and secure. 
And remember, despite my success today, I’m no different than you…
I’m just a guy who  
happened to stumble upon a system.
My simple, proven, step-by-step processes will enable you to begin investing quickly, and retire early. You won't sleep for days when you see how real this can be for you. 

I am giving you the lessons I’ve painstakingly learned over the past 15 years to become a multi-millionaire in apartment investing.

I've created an introductory course to help get you started down the road to success and as soon as you say yes, I'll send you immediate access. 

I will show you to our training library where you'll be able to watch the 8 training lessons at your own pace.
Over 8 Hours Of Proven Apartment Investing And Success Training!
How The Rich Think vs How Average People Think
Brad's 3 Steps To Permanent Wealth
Brad's Proven "Recipe" For Double Digit Returns
Why You Need Cash Flow and Capital Gains
The Power of Leverage And OPM
Why Apartment Investing Beats Single Family Rentals
Using Other People’s Money to Buy Large Apartments LEGALLY
What Market Is A Good Market
The Top 10 Mistakes People Make
3 Things to Do To Prepare Yourself Before Investing
Brad’s Proven Apartment Investing Process
Financing Basics
Finding Deals
Analyzing Deals
Making Offers
Closing Deals
Raising Money From Other People
"The Deal Sponsor" - How To Move Faster 
Reasons To Be a Passive Investor
What You Need to Know About the SEC Laws
Doing Your Due Diligence
Asset Management
Rehab s
How I Use My IRA To Invest In More Apartments

I Need To Tell You About The
Big Lie You've Been Told...
You’ve been lied to for years… 

And this lie is keeping you from the money you deserve...

The lie is that you have to invest in houses to start with and "move your way up" to the better multi-family deals...

I bet you’ve heard that or maybe even believed this at one point in your life...YET:
This is not even close to the truth!
If you are one of the millions who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead… Because:  

If you don’t, you will continue down the road of dabbling in every other course or business idea

Any momentum and progress you’ve gained will be stopped dead in it’s tracks and the money and freedom that was so close you could almost reach out and feel, will begin to fade away… And eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply give up… on investing and achieving freedom.

Listen: This is not what I want for you, and I know it’s not what you desire for yourself.

If you really want to blame something for your struggles with this, don’t blame yourself... 

Blame the school system for not teaching this stuff to you, blame the government who just want you to rack up debt and go to work like a good little slave, blame the entire system who wants you to remain a bankroll for their pockets.  

Now that you know the problem... which is that your bank account balance has been held back due to lies you've been told... let's get into specifics. 
How Would Your Life Improve If You Used 
My Proven Recipe To Retire Early?
Imagine how effortlessly you’ll make more money, pay off your debts, and jet set on vacation anytime you like without any financial worry or stress...  
Because you now have an easy, proven way to invest in apartments by leveraging my 12 years of experience and unconscious competence in order to retire early, earn double digit returns, and live a life of financial freedom. 

Essentially you will have everything you need to know about The Apartment Investing Business at the 30,000 ft level… At the end of this course you will more than 99% of the general public about investing and getting rich, and why apartments are the preferred investment for so many others.

I did all the work in experimenting, learning, and trying out different things - you can come in and bypass all of that learning curve. 

Why start from scratch and try to reinvent the wheel when I’ve laid out your exact step-by-step blueprint for investing already? One that’s been proven… One that’s responsible for thousands of men and women of all ages finally quitting their job and living life on their own terms...

All you have to do is put my system to work for you part time, and quickly build it up to where you can quit your job... You need to learn how to walk before you can run - this introductory course will get you started on this path. 
These Rave Reviews Reveal The Power Of My Training Methods!
Before we go any further...
It’s only fair I be absolutely 100% honest with you.

If you are looking for that magic pill money making answer… or if you think that one introductory home study course is going to allow you to immediately purchase a 300 unit apartment building, then you are best to leave this page right now. 

My system is for those who are ready to put down the “miracle answers”... yet still want the easiest and smartest way to learn how to invest in apartments and be free. You need to walk before you can run - this intro course will catch you up to speed quickly and as I said earlier, after you finish consuming it, you'll have the confidence knowing you really can do this!

In short, there are no “easy answers”... yet I’ve made my system as easy as it can get

Here's How The Program Works
The training is contained on a private, member-only, password-protected website.
You can watch the training videos online, you can download them to your computer, or you can download it to your mobile device to learn on the go.

The training is also available in an mp3 format so you can listen and learn while you’re at the gym, in your car, or if you’re walking around the town.

If you’re wondering if you’ll have enough time to fully participate in my course and get your money’s worth, I want you to understand that when you register, you’ll have access to it as long as my website is on the internet.

So if something unexpected comes up and it sets you back a week, or a month, or even a year, or if you only have an hour a week to work with and you need to go at your own pace, you are totally taken care of.
How Much Does The Course Cost?
Up until now, you couldn't buy this information online at ANY price. The only way to learn about my proven methods for making double digit returns and retiring early was by flying to Dallas to visit one of our weekend events we hold 3 times per year called Rat Race 2 Retirement. 

If you didn't make it to see me in person, you weren't learning from me. Since I have been getting so many emails, and messages from people just like you who are interested in the power of apartment investing but either, can't make it to Dallas, or maybe just not fully sure apartment investing is for them. If this is you, I have great news. 

This introductory course is the perfect way to decide (and understand) how apartment investing works and if it's the right path for you. If you take the time to go through my course, I'm sure you'll find it's everything you hoped it was and more - I care about my students and I put everything I have into helping you reach your goals!

As you’ve probably guessed, this is not some cheap run of the mill program.

You can go download cheap ebooks and CD’s for free, or $30 all over the internet and you’ll get exactly what you paid for and you’ll continue to regret stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming the person you know you can be.

My introductory course is a world-class, well designed, and comprehensive system that actually works.

You would have to spend as much as 15 years being in the trenches to get this kind of knowledge.

As my mentor taught me years ago, if you have 3 hours to cut down a tree, spend the first 2 hours sharpening your axe, and then the last hour cutting down the tree.

My course is about cutting your learning curve down.

This is about making you razor sharp and leading you to the path of MASTERY.

My course won't cost you $2,000

You're not going to pay $1,000

You are not even going to pay $500

Or even $300

Or even $200...

If you invest in yourself today, you can have me as your coach and mentor, with lifetime access for only one payment of $97.

Yes, that’s it.

It’s only one payment of $97 because I am committed to making sure you have no excuse and every opportunity to finally break through and start making this happen.

Simply put, if you go through these videos, you WILL understand this business in a way you never have before - In fact, I guarantee it!

I’m so confident my introductory course is right for you, I’ll give you a:
100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee
You have One Full Year to test-drive my course and experience the power that comes from this level of training.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just email or call in and my team will happily refund everything you invested, even if it’s on the 364th day.

Hang out and learn for an entire year and if you feel it’s not right for you, you get your $97 back – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Who else would offer such a crazy guarantee?

Nobody (I checked).
Here's What To Do Next
You’ve read this letter, you know my story, and you know NOW is the time to change your life. 

Do the right thing for you and your future... say YES! 

Click the "add to cart" button below and you’ll have immediate access to the training materials. 
Let’s get started on our journey together!
To your success,

Brad Sumrok

P.S. In case you skipped to the bottom and read the “P.S.” first, here’s the deal: I’m offering an introductory training program to a group of lucky students. If you’d like to be one of them, the investment is only one payment of $97, backed by a one year “any reason at all” guarantee. This is the cheapest it will ever be offered, and I may be raising the price very soon. Invest in yourself right now.
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